Skagit Valley Daffodils are blooming early!

This year the winter weather has been especially mild here in the Northwest. While the lack of snow and warm weather is not so good for skiing and bodes poorly for water supply in the summer, it has been pleasant to be out side in February!

If you’re interested in coming for a visit to this years Skagit Tulip and Daffodil Festival, I am offering guided Photo Tours this year!

Normally the daffodil fields explode in mid to late March, but I captured these images on Feb 18th at sunrise.

Skagit Daffodils at sunrise

Skagit Daffodils at sunrise

Looks like our Tulip Festival may just be a bit early this spring!

Daffodils, Morning Light

Daffodils, Morning Light

24 thoughts on “Skagit Valley Daffodils are blooming early!

  1. Beautiful! When you shoot a shot like this are you using a graduated neutral density filter, or are any changes done via editing (either a single shot or multiple shots with differing exposures)?

    • Hello! I shoot with a circular polarizer. I do not have a ND Filter. I capture the image as a raw file, and edit it in photoshop. I do not merge files. I have a work flow with image editing. Mostly altering the lightest and darkest parts of the image. Do you use photoshop?

      • Yes I do have Photoshop. My full version is a little bit old. I also have a newer PS Elements. And I have that filter you use. I am local to you and will likely take a class at some point. I take a lot of shots at Roozengaarde and some at Tulip Town during tulip time. I’ve noticed that I could likely improve my shots by knowing how to edit them better. Just got a Canon 70D this past fall, and having fun getting to know it.

      • Yes, I capture in RAW and JPEG. I have what I feel are basic editing skills. Some lighting adjustments, some color tweaking. I use levels and some of the layers features. Just haven’t carved out the time to fully learn all that Photoshop can do.

  2. Yourr Photography and Quality almost out do the Daffodils we have. The Daffodils here in N.E. GA., have been blooming from 05 Feb., 2015… they are now under Snow and Ice…will be above 32*F on Sat., 21 Feb., 2015, for the First time in a week. They, just keep on Blooming. Thanks for the Captures, Your Time and the Communication.

  3. We still have so much snow that even if the daffodils were coming through we would never see them… seriously, snowbound and cabin fever have taken on an extraordinary new definition in New England! These pictures are just glorious and remind me to be hopeful, that Spring is coming and with it bringing daffodils. Just what I needed today… thank you!

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