3 thoughts on “Arches National Park, Utah

    • Thanks!
      I explored the Moab area a little, spent a week at Arches, visited Dead Horse SP and half a day at Canyonlands…love it! Am headed to Zion and Bryce Canyon soon…

  1. sounds like you hit the big money tickets in MOAB.
    arches is my favorite.
    over time it changes (duh).
    did some way-off-road exploring around MOAB.
    very scary……..if something goes wrong….byebye.
    zion is beyond beautiful but i didn’t enjoy it.
    bryce canyon is another story……….OMG !!!!!!
    you could take 8 million photos in BC
    be prepared….BC is heaven !!!
    i’m going to portland in may………journey up to sequim
    then down the coast into south oregon
    can’t wait

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