Skyline Divide

Last summer I visited Skyline Divide. Located in the North Cascades the trail head is accessed from the Mount Baker Highway. Ascending to the ridge is maybe a 3 mile hike, and then you head out towards Mount Baker along the ridge top.
There were many people there, camping and taking pictures.
One photographer and his friend brought along their dog, who added extra flavor to the images.

This is one of the locations where I lead North Cascades Photo Tours, if you’re interested, here is the link with more info.

Skyline Divide, North Cascades

The Skyline Divide Trail is one of many off the Mount Baker Highway (Route 542) that heads up to the high country near Mount Baker. It is one of the busiest trails due to its ease of access and wonderful views.
These images were captured with the morning light after camping on the ridge. The two mountains in the images are Mount Baker and Mount Shuksan. NCI trip 14a

NCI trip 8a

NCI trip 9a

NCI trip 10a

NCI trip 11a

NCI trip 13a

NCI trip 7a