Dahlia Farm

I don’t know that Ive ever seen anything quite as colorful and spectacular as a Dahlia farm in full bloom.

I chanced on the farm while touring the Sky Valley for a fall assignment. Enthralled, I spent more than an hour in sensory overload.

The flowers were so wonderful, along with the sky and clouds that I felt as if I was doing something illegal.

Here are a dozen Dahlias, so to speak.

Skykomish Valley, Washington

This summer I visited Skykomish Valley, in Snohomish County, on assignment for Cascade Loop magazine.
Here are a few images!

Skykomish River Rafting 1 Boulder Drop Rapids

Skykomish River Rafting 7 Boulder Drop Rapids

Bridal Vail Falls 2 Bridal Veil Falls

Wallace Falls person Wallace Falls

Wallace Falls at the trailhead Wallace Falls at the trailhead

Wallace Falls on the trail Wallace Falls on the trail

Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival Fireworks Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival Fireworks

Dance 14 Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival

arts and crafts sale 3 Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival

Bouncy 1m Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival, Bouncy House

Ferry m Mukilteo Ferry

Lighthouse 6 Mukilteo Lighthouse
Dahlia Farm, Sky Valley - 3 Farm of Flowers, Monroe

Dahlia Farm, Sky Valley - 4 Farm of Flowers, Monroe

Skykomish River, Mount Index Skykomish River, Mount Index

Pond along Reiter Road Pond along Reiter Road

Stockings Farm Market -3 Autumn Farm Market

Stockings Farm Market -10 Stockings Farm Market

Goldbar Indoor Fall Basketball Goldbar Indoor Fall Basketball

Index Index

Railroad Tracks - 2, Goldbar Railroad Tracks, Goldbar