Summer Backpacking Plan 2016

Schools out for summer! This year the song has new meaning, and actually has more excitement for me as a teacher than it did as a student.

The plan for back country excursions and North Cascades Classes this year is:

Note: To see details for all my classes in the North Cascades National Park  are here.

AND details of classes at the North Cascades Institute this summer/fall, follow this link.

IF YOU are interested in coming along on any of these longer backpacking excursions, contact me!

July 11 – North Cascades National Park Landscape Photography Class (free) 7-9pm

Cathedral Peak trip – 6 days, Mid July 12-18. This is a 60-mile RT hike, through the Pasayten Wilderness. Starting at the Iron Gate Trail head the route follows the Boundary Trail to Cathedral Lake. Here in the basin you are sandwiched between Amphitheater Mountain and Cathedral Peak. One of the coolest spots ever! I great early summer trip.

Spider Gap – Upper Lyman Lake July 20-24. This is a short and relatively easy trip, with unparalleled views. I cannot wait to do this trip!

July 30 Winchester Lookout. I was there 2 x last year, a short hike and unbelievable views. Great for Night Sky imaging.

July 31 Artist Point North Cascades Institute Night Sky Class

Aug. 1 North Cascades National Park Night Sky Class (free)

Aug. 2 Hidden Peak Lookout. I have never stayed overnight at the Hidden Lake Lookout, but reckin it would be beyond compare for night sky pics.

Aug. 3 Park Butte Lookout

Park Creek Pass Loop  – 6 days Early Aug. 5 -10. This is my most ambitious trip for the summer, 7 days and three steep passes, (Easy, Park Creek, Cascade) through the most remote parts of the North Cascades.

Aug. 21 – North Cascades National Park Slide Show at Colonial Creek (free)

All dates are estimates, based on weather and trail conditions!

Hiking Trips for July and August

This is the tentative plan for backpacking trips in July and August. If you are interested in coming along for any, please let me know!

Amphitheater Mountain, Pasayten Wilderness

Amphitheater Mountain, Pasayten Wilderness

Cathedral Lake Trip – 6 days This trip is a 30 mile one way trip, to the eastern Pasayten Wilderness. The trailhead is at 6000+ feet, so its mostly a ridge hike, Lots of solitude and fantastic scenery. Here is a trip report from a July trip 5 years ago.  This trip is planned to start right around July 4th (maybe July 2 or 3, or maybe July 5th) and return July 8, 9 or 10. This is one of the coolest hikes in Washington! And although the mileage is somewhat long its not very difficult.

Amphitheater Mountain Cathedral Peak, Pasayten Wilderness 6em

Cathedral Peak, Pasayten Wilderness










Easy Pass – Park Creek Pass – Cascade Pass – 6 days I have had this trip on my radar for a while, the plan is to get dropped off at Easy Pass, hike through one of the more remote parts of North Cascades National Park ending at Cascade Pass, then hitch back to Sedro-Woolley.

Horseshoe basin

Horseshoe basin

I have hiked almost every part of this trip many times, except Fisher Basin. This trip would include a few days of off trail travel and camping. Horseshoe Basin and Park Creek Pass are unbelievable places to visit. Trip planned for July 26- July 31





Spider Meadows – Upper Lyman Lake – 4 days I did this trip last year, its awesome! My plan this year is to hike into Spider Meadows, hike up and through Spider Gap, spend a day in the Upper Lyman Basin and then hike back. Check out the story and pics. Trip planned for Aug. 2 to Aug. 5

Upper Lyman Lake, Glacier Peak Wilderness

Upper Lyman Lake, Glacier Peak Wilderness

Spider Meadows, Glacier Peak Wilderness

Spider Meadows, Glacier Peak Wilderness

If you have an interest in coming along on any of these trips, or have any questions, email me at:

I have several extra backpacks, tents and all that stuff if anyone is lacking.