Bill McKibben at WWU in Bellingham, May 17th

For some time now I have donated use of my images to various groups. Washington Trails Association, North Cascades Institute, The Sierra Club, Washington Wild, National Resources Defense Fund, National Park Foundation, Cascade Loop Magazine and others have all used my images to help promote their message(s) of conservation, environmental protection and tourism.
This the first time one of my images has been used directly to promote something very important to me, namely, Global Warming and Climate Change! I am excited to attend the event.
This image is of Mount Baker and the Coleman Glacier from the Heliotrope Trail, on the north side of Mount Baker, in the North Cascades, in Washington State.

Mount Baker from North, South and West

Mount Baker in the North Cascades is quite a magnificent mountain. Standing guard over north Puget Sound like a white sentinel the mountain dominates the horizon. Each season her countenance changes. Here are three very different images of her personality.

Mount Baker, Western Flank, from Baker Lake Road

Mount Baker in the Morning Light, taken from the South on the Park Butte Trail

Mt Baker and Coleman Glacier, taken from Heliotrope Ridge on the North Slope