Entiat Mountains, Glacier Peak Wilderness, Washington

Above: Ice Creek Valley from Lower Ice lake

Located on the eastern edge of the Glacier Peak Wilderness the Entiat Mountains get more sunshine than areas further west. And being somewhat remote the area sees less visitors.

Above: Sunset on Entiat Mountains

Getting there is easy, starting from Wenatchee drive north on Highway 97-Alt (on the west side of the Columbia River) to the town of Entiat. Turn left on Entiat River Road and follow to its end, 37 miles.

Above: Crossing the Ice Creek Trail

The Entiat Ranger Station can provide you with current information about trails.

Above: Entiat Meadows

There are many options for long or short hikes. The book: Backpacking Washington (Douglas Lorain, Wilderness Press) details several wonderful hikes in this area. For maps, Green Trails maps “Holden” #113 and “Lucerne” #114 are what you need…

Above: Lower Ice Lake

Above: Entiat Meadows
Lots of flowers, and lots of bugs!

Above: Lower Ice Lake and Mount Maude
A wide angle lens is also needed.

Above: Seven Fingered Jack from Upper Entiat Basin

Have a great trip!

6 thoughts on “Entiat Mountains, Glacier Peak Wilderness, Washington

  1. Gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to check out the Entiat Mountains for a while, and haven’t yet because … well, because there’s a lot of beautiful country that needs to be seen here. But I think I’m going to make an exploratory ride this weekend, assuming at least that there’s clear pavement in the area.

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