Backpacker Magazine – March 2012

In Backpacker Magazine March 2012 issue is an article entitled: “America’s Newest Long Trail”. The article details what the author says is the best 120 miles of the trail, all in the Pasayten Wilderness in Washington. 6 of the images in the magazine are mine, including a 2-page spread! here is the image:

And here is a link to the on-line version of the article: BackPacker Magazine March 2012 “America’s Newest Long Trail”

6 thoughts on “Backpacker Magazine – March 2012

    • Yes, minus the rain…I am definitely a fair-weather hiker, I tend to wait for the good streak of weather before debarking on an overnight trip…have you landed somewhere with fairer clime?

      • Nothing too exciting or exotic…Toronto. I much prefer the weather broken down into seasons other than “rain” & “non-rain”. Although, till yesterday there wasn’t much of a winter to speak of, so fairer clime indeed.

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